NF - Leave Me Alone

25 ივლ 2019-ში
77 425 543 ნახვები

Official music video for “Leave Me Alone” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein \u0026 Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill \u0026 Nathan Feuerstein

  • Yeah haters

    francois purifoyfrancois purifoy2 საათის წინ
  • I just found NF and I can relate to all his songs, isn't crazy. I love you NF

    Edeh GeraldineEdeh Geraldine4 საათის წინ
  • Dude goes so hard EVERY SINGLE TIME! I put him up there with Em lyrically. Different flavor but still just as talented! 🙌🏾

    Elizabeth WilliamsElizabeth Williams5 საათის წინ
  • NF is better than every rapper like he speaks about true things

    Lesego NjiyaLesego Njiya5 საათის წინ
  • Bro I just realised that this place he’s at is in a episode on Netflix called queen of the south season 4 Episode 9

    Ryan GerrardRyan Gerrard13 საათის წინ
  • NF...untouchable...keeps it real every time!

    chris schris s15 საათის წინ
  • Neffex vs Nf?

    Armando DiazArmando Diaz16 საათის წინ
  • NF's music is some REAL power🖤

    Annsley RoneyAnnsley Roney17 საათის წინ
  • That is good

    Jaidan SamJaidan Sam18 საათის წინ
  • The best music he got

    Jeremías RamírezJeremías Ramírezდღის წინ
  • I love this song one of my favorites of all time

    Cortney PetersonCortney Petersonდღის წინ
  • Lol

    TrefurTrefurდღის წინ
  • This guy raps faster than my wifi connection.

    PoopyPoopyდღის წინ
  • I'm so relate to this song, there's so many thoughts in here that I always want to say, and I'm glad that there's someone really understands me

    Mr. Blue SkyMr. Blue Skyდღის წინ
  • I love nf

    Raven WalRavenRaven WalRavenდღის წინ
  • My balloons would be more than his

    Dianne WeaverDianne Weaverდღის წინ
  • People at Walmart:where are all the shopping carts? NF:😏

    Foxy playsFoxy playsდღის წინ
  • I want to leave everything behind and go. Happy everyone I know. Loneliness is my only wealth.

    but you're lie..but you're lie..2 დღის წინ
  • He must feel right at home grocery shopping

    Like ButtonLike Button2 დღის წინ
  • This is where all of the missing carts go

    Owen KlossOwen Kloss2 დღის წინ
  • Is it me or does NF sound like Eminem a little their voices are similar

    Danhai JohnsonDanhai Johnson2 დღის წინ
    • A little, but he's his own person, and has his own voice.

      Blanquitz C.Blanquitz C.2 დღის წინ
  • They are in my head. The fbi are in my head. They make me want to dislike. I wont. Thank you for being you.

    It's rainingIt's raining2 დღის წინ
  • Whats with the black baloons, that his symbol?

    SudstahSudstah2 დღის წინ
    • Within the video for “The Search” NF gestures to his black balloons while stating: “Grabbin’ my keepsakes, leavin’ my burdens/Well, I brought a few with me, I’m not perfect,” indicating that the balloons are symbolic of the problems that continue to plague him in spite of his growth. The black balloons are his burdens. For the shopping cart part- he had the cage in background as an egg in search song which he rapped in for video outcast song from perception album. the cage represents his mind-(he also tours with the cage) NF brings the cart everywhere he goes, perhaps using the vehicle as a smaller, more portable version of the cage he once kept himself in. Considering the similar structure of the cart, it seems possible that the artist uses the cart when his feelings of entrapment return. In the closing moments of the video for “The Search,” NF climbs into the cart, folding up into the fetal position. While NF left the Perception outcast song cage behind, reaching a new pinnacle of success in the process, he continues to face feelings of fear, doubt, and pain just as any of us.

      NikkiNikki2 დღის წინ
    • Yeah, they also represent his burdens

      J A S O NJ A S O N2 დღის წინ
  • whenever my sister brothers me i have this song in my head

    Ryan TafazzoliRyan Tafazzoli3 დღის წინ
  • This maan always comes with insen bars so many flows .🔥🔥🔥

    ikram ikuikram iku3 დღის წინ
  • Nf 👌

    Gun SongGun Song3 დღის წინ
  • Sleep

    Beetle JuiceBeetle Juice3 დღის წინ
  • Been watching nf for years now helps me dleep

    Beetle JuiceBeetle Juice3 დღის წინ
  • I just know about NF today, at first time listen to this song, i was like : OMG, What's going on ?? This man is crazy !!!! This is the kind of music I always find, and Thanks God, I found it

    Khoa TốngKhoa Tống3 დღის წინ
  • Reminds me of Eminem a lil bit.

    Erica DozierErica Dozier3 დღის წინ
  • I can’t believe there’s someone that can rap so hard without cussing

    Nishanta BhardwajNishanta Bhardwaj3 დღის წინ
  • Remix and BLACK EMINEM

    Alexis MendozaAlexis Mendoza3 დღის წინ
  • 🖤🤺⚡

    StacyStacy3 დღის წინ
  • I wouldnt say hes a legend but hes def a beast. Hes not even on the Legend level yet like em logic and 2 pac

    john the blaze man Grayjohn the blaze man Gray3 დღის წინ
  • Nf marathon anyone?

    Pari AgarwalPari Agarwal3 დღის წინ
  • sounds to much like em.!.

    Mortar On Main StreetMortar On Main Street3 დღის წინ
    • @Mortar On Main Street lol hate the tom comments

      NikkiNikki3 დღის წინ
    • @Nikki Tom is nothing like em lol, but this dude sounds a little like em in his younger days! get that bullshit out out your ears, its starting to seep into your brain and overflowing out your mouth fool. didnt say i didnt like it, just said he sounds like em a little. especially when he speeds it up.!.

      Mortar On Main StreetMortar On Main Street3 დღის წინ
    • Sounds nothing like eminem. What is up? He is white and raps fast at times so he is eminem. Stupid comments.. people say tom m is eminem too and that makes me sick and is def not true so your type of comment just looks silly

      NikkiNikki3 დღის წინ
  • Other rappers just needed to know the other stuff all NF needs is black balloons the cart and the Dark Soul

    JANE DOEJANE DOE4 დღის წინ
  • 🌪⚡😎😎🔥🔥👌👍💀💀👺👹🤡🤙💣🎧🎤🎸‼‼‼‼‼‼‼❕❕❕❕❕❕

    JANE DOEJANE DOE4 დღის წინ
  • When You Are Annoyed: Leave me Alone!

    ULTRA 805ULTRA 8054 დღის წინ
  • These Beats Are Super Cool!

    ULTRA 805ULTRA 8054 დღის წინ
  • i really love NF god

    HDStrokeHDStroke4 დღის წინ
  • Producer:what do u want? NF:my cart and balloons Producer:ofcourse you do

    Lrde TheNoobLrde TheNoob4 დღის წინ

  • This is the band ZUMBI's new song "FEAR". A new band of Christian Believers who write about what's going on in the world today from a Christian perspective. Check them out.

    The Real Aaron CollinsThe Real Aaron Collins4 დღის წინ
  • I discover new vibes😎😎😎😎

    Jarylle VallarJarylle Vallar4 დღის წინ
  • When the quiet kid finally starts talking

    Lucas FindlayLucas Findlay4 დღის წინ
    • @ɴᴇᴛ.ᴜsᴇʀ ɪɴᴅɪᴠ i guess u thought the other thing

      Lucas FindlayLucas Findlay4 დღის წინ
    • @ɴᴇᴛ.ᴜsᴇʀ ɪɴᴅɪᴠ I mean the quiet kids are usually very good at singing

      Lucas FindlayLucas Findlay4 დღის წინ
  • Iam addicted rip Eminem its a new King here

    Konsti o.OKonsti o.O4 დღის წინ
  • Martha help!!! What's our roots

    patricia culppatricia culp4 დღის წინ
  • 1:15🖤🖤🖤

    KakarmiKakarmi5 დღის წინ
  • Anyone listening in 2021 but still fire 🔥

    Emma ChavezEmma Chavez5 დღის წინ
  • Honestly, I am not into rap, though, I listen to plenty of it. I accidentally found NF and NF 'Mansions'.. And I think in the past 16 hrs have listened to every NF song. NF, an artist who is super talented, does not need any endorsements, he is REAL & does not pretend to be anything/anyone else (so refreshing for a change). I can fully understand his message, and can absolutely relate to most if his music. I will forever be a fan & be sharing all his songs with every friend , fam & social media app I have. 🥰 I do not mind cursing in songs, but to have them NOT be something quite shocking, yet awesome. No, rap does not need the usual in degrading women, or tearing down any group of humans, it does not need drugs, alcohol, or anything that can negatively impact ones life.. just requires raw talent. NF has that in spades. He will definitely go far. By just showing the world a different version of rap, an honest, insightful and healing type full of hope, yet there is despair that we all carry of some kind, Yet, he does not preach what is wrong with everyone else, but raps what he feels about himself...he is telling the world what he thinks is wrong with him, and also making it known, no one is perfect, and to accept who you are as a human, and we can all do better and we can all attain our hopes and dreams just do not give up on yourself and always love yourself first, care for your own mind first. My thoughts on perfection: whoever thinks they are perfect.. they aren't.. and in my opinion, anyone who deems themself as Perfect ..that is that persons first mistake, and is that red flag for everyone around them to run the other way. Sorry I write too much, funny, because I never bother to write a comment, but when I do, it's accidentally a novel. Lol 😂 I still love all music, but the punk rock, grunge, alt, Brit pop, skater girl, me, just found NF and well I am beyond excited & now forever a fan and want to tell everyone! 🤩💜📣 Well done Nate!!!! ❣️🖤❣️🖤❣️ Do not stop! Please keep the raps coming, I will be listening as well as my Friends & fam... lol and sorry again, for writing a book. But this particular song hit me right between the eyes, amazing. You are as real as real can be, do not ever be a follower, unless you are following your dreams. NF is an absolute original. Beautiful voice. Beautiful heart & soul. Beautiful messages in all his songs to any & all. (So sorry so long, won't comment again for another 3 years lol)

    Kelly HanrattyKelly Hanratty5 დღის წინ
    • Your comment is just perfect! 🔥

      NikkiNikki5 დღის წინ
  • ебучие голоса в голове как я тебя понимаю братан НФ (NF bro) )))))))))))))))))) (

    Yaroslav KudryashovYaroslav Kudryashov5 დღის წინ
  • He's sooooooo talented

    Amira KrimAmira Krim5 დღის წინ
  • Nf that guy only speaks facts an life an things he can relate to an lives an always himself he fire watch the young goat cant sleep on him he spitting fire an killing lines keep up the good work homie

    Amy IceAmy Ice5 დღის წინ
  • Wooow i like ur songs man👌🏻🇩🇿

    Maya DiMaya Di5 დღის წინ
  • 🔥

    AbhiAbhi5 დღის წინ
  • Beat gave goose bump Rhythm gave me chill Lyrics are deep and inspirational.....

  • This guy is probably gonna win the Grammy cuz he’s better than Eminem and Ez mill and any other good rapers I really mean it no cap

    Jake77Jake775 დღის წინ
  • Dad: "what are you listening to?" Me: "Leave me alone." Dad: "You're Adopted." Me:

    YAMIYAMI5 დღის წინ
  • NF is really, really talented. However, Eminem is and will always be the G O A T! Not insulting NF, in my opinion he is ranking second. As Em accurately said, NF is quite the "NFing Recovery clone" of him. I would take that as a compliment rather than a diss tbh. NF can never become nor top the combo and story of Marshall Mathers, Eminem & Slim Shady. For all those who think I'm hating, go learn some more about Em's story. What you are, you often are by accident of birth. There are and will be maybe a thousand decent rappers but there is and will only ever be one Marshall/Slim/Em

    Larissa CowellLarissa Cowell5 დღის წინ
    • @okay Trust me, I understand defending/commenting on artists you admire, but my man is overboard.

      Larissa CowellLarissa Cowell3 დღის წინ
    • ​@Nikki Oh hey Nikki is it you again? Allow me to copy and paste. Hey you wanna go comment the same on every other post speaking about Eminem? So yeh don't apply double standards (maybe cause you don't like the what's being said). Again - Considering the comparison is always being drawn, and It is quite clear NF has been heavily inspired by Eminem. Now to really vex you relentless NF Stan (which Em wrote btw)... As Em accurately said, NF is quite the "NFing Recovery clone" of him. I would take that as a compliment rather than a diss tbh. NF can never become nor top the combo and story of Marshall Mathers, Eminem & Slim Shady. For all those who think I'm hating, go learn some more about Em's story. What you are, you often are by accident of birth. There are and will be maybe a thousand decent rappers but there is and will only ever be one Marshall/Slim/Em

      Larissa CowellLarissa Cowell3 დღის წინ
    • @Nikki no way ur everywhere on nf vids damn ur like the biggest nf ever lol

      okayokay4 დღის წინ
    • Why is eminem brought up? This is NFs song lol

      NikkiNikki5 დღის წინ
  • It feels me.So Misunderstood I love this song you killed Nf.Fan 4 life.

    Shaun BoykinShaun Boykin5 დღის წინ
  • Nobody to kinda famous ❤️

    Tech ScriptedTech Scripted5 დღის წინ
  • Zero vulgarity 😍🤩

    Prabace PandeyPrabace Pandey6 დღის წინ
  • Huge thanks to that person who Introduced me to his music. Damn im so late

    gay for seulgigay for seulgi6 დღის წინ
  • Me waiting for more NF Eminem collabs 0-0

    Koala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔKoala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ6 დღის წინ
  • Nf>Eminem Yeah I said that.

    EregularesEregulares6 დღის წინ
  • Ⴌპ iႽ ႽტოპႠႬiႶႺ მiffპRპႶႠ. wტw

    ⓦⓔⓢⓢⓞⓝ ⓢⓜⓘⓣⓗⓦⓔⓢⓢⓞⓝ ⓢⓜⓘⓣⓗ6 დღის წინ
  • I love NF

    ⓦⓔⓢⓢⓞⓝ ⓢⓜⓘⓣⓗⓦⓔⓢⓢⓞⓝ ⓢⓜⓘⓣⓗ6 დღის წინ
  • NF if the best

    Lily SingleLily Single6 დღის წინ
  • NF you seem to understand people with your music was just what a rapper with a dark life similar to mine was looking for obsessive compulsive disorder has me imprisoned only free him with your music

    Spencer EvilSpencer Evil6 დღის წინ
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    KnightKillerKnightKiller6 დღის წინ
  • Ok

    Cjkhan JuniorCjkhan Junior6 დღის წინ
  • I love this Song I have thought 💭 that come out of my head it OCD Other this help Love NF Music Hope he get BIG🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪

    Jonathan RodriguezJonathan Rodriguez6 დღის წინ
  • Haha 😂

    PureShock ASMRPureShock ASMR7 დღის წინ
  • 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 yes 🙌 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    PureShock ASMRPureShock ASMR7 დღის წინ
  • I like this song it’s 8:52 in the morning 😀

    PureShock ASMRPureShock ASMR7 დღის წინ

  • nf: sings a sick song that blows people mind. us: i'm gonna learn to rap later right now i'm too busy watching nf

    SnowwySnowwy7 დღის წინ
  • That's right,,,, leave me alone. Noone needs to know

    Robert LambRobert Lamb7 დღის წინ
  • That first flow switch sound just like Eminem

    Shawn DennisShawn Dennis7 დღის წინ
  • “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13

    Jesus Is kingJesus Is king7 დღის წინ
  • The stiff bench steadily soak because weeder unlikely agree lest a lumpy drawbridge. xenophobic, hapless screw

    Antonin AlarconAntonin Alarcon7 დღის წინ
    • Same

      That one SpoopThat one Spoop7 დღის წინ
  • Ok no disrespect I luv u and ur music has got me through shit. But the beginning of the vid given me IT vibes.😂👍

    Mha fan No oneMha fan No one7 დღის წინ
    • NF loves movies

      NikkiNikki7 დღის წინ
  • Ptm te amo NF😭✌️🖤

    CAMI :3CAMI :37 დღის წინ
  • damn u are the goat

    W oozyW oozy7 დღის წინ
  • He is fucking awesome...

    varun bishtvarun bisht7 დღის წინ
  • Who needs other music when you got a guy whos raps n oversized t-shirts and a shopping cart with balloons?

    Liz ArrowoodLiz Arrowood8 დღის წინ
  • Doses he breth love it good job

    Emma KuhnEmma Kuhn8 დღის წინ
  • Love the name of this song. Follow them

    Dana Draughn-HopsonDana Draughn-Hopson8 დღის წინ
  • seeing a cart and some balloons at the mall even makes me feel like im one of em

    NIK HILNIK HIL8 დღის წინ
  • NF fucking sick. Awesome shit 🔥🔥🔥

    Henry FuentesHenry Fuentes8 დღის წინ
  • How I feel about my baby’s daddy 😂😂

    Brittany FranaBrittany Frana8 დღის წინ
  • 2021 still love this song thank you NF !

    nathan keirnsnathan keirns8 დღის წინ
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    luffyluffy8 დღის წინ
  • Insane, rhymes are crazy

    ExoticOwner 0ExoticOwner 08 დღის წინ
  • NF A G.O.A.T

    RSKULLBUDZ GamezRSKULLBUDZ Gamez8 დღის წინ
  • This dude understands

    BE GREATBE GREAT8 დღის წინ
  • I feel like NF doesn't care about fancy and shining stuffs in his music videos, all he want is to share his thoughts to the world. Still my No. 1 ❤❤❤

    Phenomena StudiosPhenomena Studios9 დღის წინ
  • Other rappers: *I need to cuss in my songs to make it sound better!* Me: *Let me introduce you to NF.*

    $yler$yler9 დღის წინ
  • I like Nate because like other artists he doesn’t talk about girls and the jewelry and Nate actually pours heart in the songs

    Matthew StevensMatthew Stevens9 დღის წინ