I Built The Ultimate Toothbrush!

16 აპრ 2021-ში
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Find out if I can make a DIY homemade toothbrush that will actually work!?

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  • nice throw mate 0:27.

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  • professionals get to work

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  • duude your vibes are amazing plz like .

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  • Do you work at a dentist office

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  • Love your videos kept up the good work

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  • I’d buy that toothbrush

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  • the people who didn't smash the subscribe do not brush their teeth

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  • Beeeeeg brain

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  • wanna sleep? It's actually a real thing. I said because it almost cleaned all your teeth

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  • Sell it

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  • How about make a video of you using your home made 2 plus with your homemade toupees that's probly good

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  • this guy is the bentist.

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  • You should try your homemade toothbrush and homemade toothpaste together.

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  • He spent $51 for a not good toothbrush but hey it looks pretty sick!

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  • I love Tiffany blue you’re the best dentist ever I know what toothbrush I can buy now

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  • This is the most funnyiest video i've ever watched

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  • Root beer is good

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  • dont make fun of the tooth brush all he is is just built diffrent

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  • Omg bentist and dental digest y’all are so cool👄

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  • give us a tutorial on how to make this tooth brush it is cool

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  • Just look at his face when he says imagine that was mouthwash PSHHHHHHHHHH

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  • Bro that snees almost killed you

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  • I would say if it were on sale it will cost atleast 5-10$ maybe

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  • Science toothbrush

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  • Dont make another generation

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  • Sheeesh that toothbrush business

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  • cool

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  • Hes a famous artist

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  • Swuyrty😈🧛‍♂️

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  • Dental digest is the best

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  • Yeah

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  • 100

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  • Your draw looks goog

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  • If world war 3 happens the bring in the Your gonna shoot your eye out 9,000. Both for dental hygiene and blasting someone with mouthwash.

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  • #dream

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  • Yup you are now my virtual dentist

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  • Is your name Moby

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  • Yooo

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  • How long have you been on GEhead I’ve never seen somebody like this!?!?

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  • 2:59 what did you say?

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  • Dental Digest Dental Digest Dental Digest

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  • Hi

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  • what is the purple thing?

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  • 4:50 root bear

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  • How do I buy one

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  • how he drew the examples for the toothbrush is kinda sus

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  • R u a real dentist

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  • everyone who dislikes and writes hate comments you know your just giving him views witch makes money lol😂😂😂

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  • What if he added the home made toothpaste he made

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  • I brush my teeth every day 💓 and I love your channel 💞❤️❤️💞❤️❤️❤️😍😍💕💕

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  • I have taken a lot of tooth paste and tooth brushes from this guy i love his videos

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  • Great drawing. way better than mine

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  • I watch one of your videos I fell in love with your videos

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  • I never thought I would see dentist videos but here I am

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  • bless you😊 1:55

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  • i would love to have u as ma dentist xD

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  • oooo

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  • use ur home made thoot paste

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  • 0:40 bestie uses procreate 👏

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  • I very love your videos

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  • Damn you’re very talented and innovative ngl

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  • Thet sus

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  • 5:42 😂😂❤

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  • Fun Fact :::::: it's completely Useless 😢😢😢😢😢

  • One two buckle my shoe is actually a real thing-

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  • when he bites the purple pills it is so satisfying

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    • @yukichuu yah they do

      It’s me watermelonIt’s me watermelonდღის წინ
    • yall mean disclosing tablets?

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    • blue and yellow purple pills.

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  • I'm from India and I am messy

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  • Dental digest is SUCH AN AMAZING BUILDER hes the king of toothbrush

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  • Wroop beer?, i am messy

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  • do you spit disclosing tablet or swoalow dental

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  • he is a one true dentist

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  • This invention deserves a Nobel

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  • Soooo Badly

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  • Do you live in Greeley cuz I want to Meet you

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  • Now this guy has become the Michael Reeves of dental hygiene.

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