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Hey, guys! Today we share a mega cool compilation of your favorite lifehacks! There are a lot of ingenious hacks that will help you to ease your life! You will learn how to make slimes, how to make a secret stash, how to make your clothes more fashionable and a lot more!
Learn how to make a hidden storage place using old binders that you don’t use anymore. Cut them up and staple or glue them together. You can use this stash to hide sweets, phone, and even alcohol! You will love this inexpensive and easy project!
Next cool collection of ideas is unexpected uses of sandpaper! If your new shoes have slippery soles, use sandpaper. Watch our video and find an easy tutorial. Cat owners know that nails should be trimmed to save the furniture, smooth the edges out with some fine-grained sandpaper! Wooden chopping board should be cleaned using wooden sandpaper to prevent the appearance of microbes. Clean your chopping board once or twice a year.
Being a blogger is not an easy job as you always need to improvise and find new ways to make cool photos. You need to post awesome photos to get more likes and we share tricks that will make your photos popular on Instagram! You will find an awesome idea of how to make levitation photos. Make a cool photo with flowers if you have long hair.
Everybody loves cinnamon roll as they are so delicious! Check out a cool idea how to make cinnamon rolls in a mug. One more cool idea is to make a kebab machine out of elbow-shaped piece PVC pipe, can and a plastic bottle. Cut off the top of the plastic bottle. Make a hole in the center of the pipe and connect the pipe to the bottle. Kebab machine is ready! Now try your incredible kebab machine!
Also, we prepared a whole collection of beauty hacks that will save you a lot of money and time. If you are not ready to cut your hair to have bangs, try to make fake bangs! We share tutoring how to contour your face and make it slimmer! Use this makeup technique to look gorgeous! Make a perfect and voluminous ponytail using a pencil!
02:26 Hacks with markers
04:37 Period lifehacks
05:23 We love slimes
20:14 Silica gel lifehacks
23:49 Awesome kitchen ideas
51:31 Cool jeans ideas
57:06 Sewing tricks for beginners
01:17:38 Beach lifehacks
01:30:55 How to make a perfect photo
01:47:26 Helpful travel hacks

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  • 1:48:16 If you want to save some space while travelling💡 Easiest tips

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  • Me: watching this Later on : trying one of the hacks and using loads of my MONEY on them Also me : THEY ARE JUST A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY 💴 5 MINUTE CRAPS

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